Not just another petition service.

"A lie is the beginning of a new story. That's why we love Art." Oscar Wilde
"Today the enemy is not called Empire or Capital. It's called Democracy." Alan Badiou

One Man One Vote?
No more. One Click is enough.

Democratic processes have been quite ineffective in recent times, don't you think?
It's time to change to one click-democracy. Leave behind your out-moded street activism, public demonstrations, megaphones. Now activism can be carried out comfortably from your armchair.
Repetitionr offers the most advanced web 2.0 technologies to make participatory democracy a truely user-centered experience.
Embrace the new era of armchair-activism: just choose the campaign you want to promote and how many signatures your re-petition needs to reach its target.
Then just sit back and wait: Repetitionr will do the dirty work for you.

A million people can't be wrong.
Tactical media meets data hallucination.

5k signers? 500k signers? One million? Participation is no more a problem!
Enjoy the exciting experience of thousands of people subscribing to your petition in a moment. Enjoy the most powerful data hallucination service. You are no longer alone in your opinions. Simply join the comfortable majority with one click.

Tired of all these words?
Just see how repetitionr works.

Simple, and like most of the other boring petition web services, Repetitionr needs just a few clicks to demonstrate its magic.

  1. : just write down your petition title and statement.
  2. Choose the number of signatures you want (from 1,000 to 1,000,000) and from which countries they should come from. Don't be afraid, exaggerate the potential.
  3. During the following days, Repetitionr's automatic services will feed your petition with the signatures.
  4. Meanwhile, promote your campaign through other media(TV, online/offline newspaper, ...).
  5. Within the next 30 days your campaign will reach its goal.
    That will be the moment to announce to the world that thousands and thousands of people can't be wrong!


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