• Crystal Hawke of edson is a lying, cheating whore.
    by Sir A. Friendfinder to Grahame Hawke | Total signatures: 1,000,034
    For decades this woman has slept with anyone and everyone she can, men or women, under the nose...
  • Termites deserve animal rights too.
    by Al to | Total signatures: 200,007
    Billions of termites are exterminated on a daily basis. These insects provide a invaluable...
  • Roody is an Asshole
    by Roddy Heading to The United Nations | Total signatures: 5,015
    We the people of Earth demand that Roddy STOP being an asshole, even if thats the best he can do.
    by Clint Sheehan to James Randi Educational Foundation | Total signatures: 1,000,050
    Having considered the abundance of empirical, historical, and philosophical evidence in a...
  • Return the Eviltron
    by Daddy to My daughter | Total signatures: 50,023
    In good faith and in the name of liberty and justice for all, zazz should return the eviltron to...
  • @Raquelrita, from Brazil
    by Nicki to @Raquelrita, Brazil | Total signatures: 5,013
    This Brazilian likes to come off as harmless, but she infiltrates the psyche of married men's...
  • Save our Dolphins from Slaughter in Japan & Denmark
    by to United Nations & Governments Worldwide | Total signatures: 1,000,064
    We the people of England, America, France, Australia, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Spain,...
  • Vogliamo che la Terra diventi quadrata
    by Damiano Cenderelli to World Governments | Total signatures: 1,000,046
    Vogliamo una Terra che sia finalemente quadrata! Dove non esisteranno piĆ¹ un nord e un sud, ma...
  • Peace
    by Pringault to The World | Total signatures: 1,000,062
    That word would tell all...
    by Georges terryn to United Nations | Total signatures: 1,000,053
    After many raging wars during the 20th century, the time has come to stop the production of...

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