• Metro PCS is stealing from us!!
    by Lisa Douglas to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION,FBI | Total signatures: 1,000,004
    Metro PCS the cell phone service provider I have been a customer of for years is stealing from...
  • jennifer burk Lind is a whore
    by mari to Facebook community | Total signatures: 5,008
    Jennifer Burk of Arizona AKA Jennifer Lind is a slut with herpes who finds married men on the...
  • Handy Andy Pandy is the best photography in the universe
    by God to The Universe | Total signatures: 1,000,030
    I do hereby proclaim that is the best website in the universe, and...
  • Abonnez vous a ma chaîne
    by Elite_CraX to Aucune, abonnez vous a ma chaîne ! | Total signatures: 1,000,011
    SVP je fais des vidéos bas de Jeux-Vidéos, j'ai pas BCP d'abonnez svp abonnez vous a ma...
  • against ACTA
    by MyHabboOny to La loi, the law | Total signatures: 50,008
    Français : Vous voulez pas que les Test soit fini sur YouTube ou sur tout internet, veuille...
  • jelena
    by jelena to jelena | Total signatures: 5,018
  • It's Time to BAN Fake Petition Signatures!
    by Fake Bob Boblaw to | Total signatures: 1,000,038
    Whereas: -The address 2117 Fraggle Drive cannot POSSIBLY be in Tucson, AZ, Vista, CA and...
  • Ajoute du smiley :harabe:
    by Banavie to | Total signatures: 5,013
  • Digital media is where collective action happens nowadays
    by Daniel Pargman to Evgeny Morozov and Malcolm Gladwell | Total signatures: 100,050
    Some people say digital media is not going to change the world, that "the revolution will not be...
  • I click therefore I am
    by Amelia Taylor to google | Total signatures: 5,021
    'Clicking' 'selecting' drop down 'options' 'boxes' 'ticking' ARGH! Feeling boxed in? select...

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