• Vogliamo Berlusconi Papa!
    by Silvio Forever to Prossimo Conclave | Total signatures: 1,000,011
    Noi popolo italiano, riconoscendo la natura semidivina di Silvio non ci riteniamo più degni di...
    by Michael P. Hasenleder to GOD almighty! | Total signatures: 5,019
    If Kathi Sue Willford from Gladwin Michigan had as many Suzzies sticking out of her diseased body...
  • Steve Clapp Knowingly Ripped People Off
    by Anonymous | Total signatures: 500,004
    Steve Clapp, a minister who was the head of the Christian Community solicited funds from...
  • Stop the nooB
    by aqwsfd to Erika | Total signatures: 1,000,006
    Parce que erika est une tâche qui est mauvais et en plus il veut pas me montrer sa bite ...
  • Let us love each other as God has loved us
    by H. Ford to All | Total signatures: 100,035
    Let us spread the love of God in our world that is full of hate. Love will give us so much...
  • Bring Pope Benedict XVI to Justice
    by Kurt Holder to U.S. Congress and President, German Parliament and Chancellor | Total signatures: 1,000,017
    WHEREAS Recent news has demonstrated that the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is...
  • Support of the Papal visit to the UK
    by G. Smith to Supporter of the Pope | Total signatures: 500,017
    We, the undersigned, welcome, with all our hearts and souls, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to...

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