• Brian Barksdale, Unfit for Electrical Design
    by Robert Johnson to Brian Barksdale | Total signatures: 5,022
    This job-hopping politician has wrecked havoc on too many companies and innocent engineers, it...
  • Bring Back Nasa Funding
    by Luke Conway to U.S. Congress | Total signatures: 1,000,016
    As with most projects and public and government funded programs and business the will and...
  • Open Space Århus Reception
    by pedersen to Folketinget | Total signatures: 5,019
    The Open Space Aarhus reception is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you only...
  • Is Paul Harris aka Weatherman714 totally insane?
    by Ron to American Psychiatric Association, National Weather Service | Total signatures: 1,000,065
    He claims to be the best meteorologist in the world, and that has has been for many years, in...
  • Pour acheter à Jason D. de quoi forniquer.
    by Johan to Jason D. | Total signatures: 10,020
    faites le pour lui.
  • Western Digital Junk Hard Drives
    by Clinton Harrold to Western Digital Corporation | Total signatures: 1,000,040
    Western Digital for many years was a leader and produced high quality storage devices. This has...
  • Eric peic est un Noob
    by Nicolas Sarkosy to La Terre | Total signatures: 500,058
    Empecher cette personne de se reproduire.
  • test
    by NB to france | Total signatures: 5,010
    Merci pour votre soutien
  • Are you still Human?
    by nothuman to internet | Total signatures: 1,000,039
    Do you feel unconfortable in this place? Do you feel foreigner in your country? Do you disagree...

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