• meredith hargrove of burns tn. Is a whore!
    by Just fed up to Women in general | Total signatures: 5,014
    This bitch apparently is so unhappy she sucks dick, and performs sexual acts for food/drugs. Not...
    by Justin Lassiter to The Calgary Fire Department | Total signatures: 100,018
    We the people of this station hearby anounce that MATT POPOWICH has a great head of hair, perhaps...
  • Andrea Vann from west virginia is a slut who screws her own uncle.
    by survived the slut of the century to wives of women in west virginia | Total signatures: 1,000,052
    This girl is a total homewrecker. She needs to be the center of attention from any man in the...
  • Stop Meat Gazing
    by R.G. Jackson | Total signatures: 1,000,027
    Meat Gazing: The act of looking at a mans package. We the undersigned decree and declare that...
  • nadia marie bell a ho
    by hoes to carol newland nadia bell | Total signatures: 5,016
    Nadia Marie bell and her mother carol bell-newland are hoes!!!
  • Austin Maldonado of San Antonio Sucked My DIck for $5
    by Michael West to Xbox Gamers | Total signatures: 750,032
    I Truthfully state today that Austin Maldonado of San Antonio Tx. Formerly of Live Oak. Also goes...
    by Michael | Total signatures: 1,000,021
    Sick and tired of seeing Animal abuse created by people who are so bereft of morals that they...
  • Yvette Woodley
    by ME to Women | Total signatures: 5,006
    This women is the worst, she slept with my boyfriend. Ladies be aware
  • Free Puppy Mill Moms
    by Macie Beans to President Barack Obama | Total signatures: 1,000,003
    Breeding dogs in puppy mills throughout this country suffer unimaginable pain, filth and...
    by Nicki Callahan to JUDE RHODES | Total signatures: 5,004
    JUDE RHODES, JUDITH HALE RHODES is a homewrecking, golddigging whore. For many years she seeks...

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