• Stop raising the beer price, please!
    by Jan Kostovic to UN | Total signatures: 5,011
    Beer is getting more and more expensive all the time but our salaries are still the same or even...
  • Revoke the citizenship of and deport all registered Democrats.
    by Frank Oswalt to U.S. Congress | Total signatures: 1,000,052
    Whereas most of the economic and social problems of America's past and present have been directly...
  • Internet
    by Bildon to Public viewers | Total signatures: 5,002
    Development empowers Country.. Let joins hand to bring developmen all over the world.
  • Make Bier Free in Cairo
    by Kaiser Heineken to United Nations, EU, US | Total signatures: 50,015
    In the light of recent events and the tensions that rise in Egypt, we propose the distribution of...
  • Down fall for Human Compassion W.WW(IV)
    by Chip Murfee to Socially Conscience organizations | Total signatures: 100,045
    We humans are is either learned from live experience, taught, or faked....
  • America Help The Nation Abolish Poverty
    by William Ross to Nation | Total signatures: 5,003
    Let's Do More For Homeless Individuals That Walk Our Streets, We Must Find An Unique Way Of...
  • Raise the Minimum Wage
    by John Holmes to Raise the Minimum Wage | Total signatures: 500,057
    The way to raise the minimum wage Is to Pass a Law that Attorneys Pay Only will be a Maximum of...
  • Stop Wall Street's "Too Big to Fail" Excuse
    by Consumers Union to U.S. Senate | Total signatures: 1,000,037
    Bank and Wall Street lobbyists are swarming the Capitol right now trying to stop Wall Street...
  • Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!
    by European Digital Visionaries to The members of the national parliaments of Europe and the members of Parliament in the European Union | Total signatures: 5,000,137
    "Today the enemy is not called Empire or Capital. It's called Democracy." Alan Badiou We think...

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