• Ban visual media
    by Søren Pold to UN and all governments | Total signatures: 1,000,022
    Images are bad and with the current speed of dissemination we're losing our culture. Therefore we...
  • Ensemble pour interdire les pétitions.
    by Pierre Monjaret to United Nations | Total signatures: 1,000,039
    Ensemble pour interdire les pétitions. Assez des pétitions à répétitions. Signez pour...
  • Oppose Obama
    by Adam N Canard to U S Congress | Total signatures: 1,000,009
    If you disagree with the policies of the Obama adminstration and would like them reversed Sign Now.
  • loganville is a great city
    by joe starbuck to 5000 | Total signatures: 5,025
    do you love loganville georgia
  • Rassembler les individus et changer le système
    by BRICE DUCRUIX to ALL | Total signatures: 1,000,041
    En signant cette pétition, j'en appelle aux organisations ci-dessous, et à toutes organisations...
  • YOU need to live like us!
    by Erika to US citizens | Total signatures: 5,018
    If you want to hold a public office from now on you will live like us for a year. Family of 5,...
  • Elect My Penis For President of the USA 2016
    by Jason Kaufmann to US Congress and the People! | Total signatures: 1,000,016
    Do it, literally lets get my penis elected as Prez of the USA in the 2016 election.
  • Vote Barrack Obama
    by Tega to US. Citizens | Total signatures: 10,014
    Sign if you believe in Obama.
  • Non aux parking payant à Dunkerque
    by Un Dunkerquois en colère to Mairie de Dunkerque | Total signatures: 5,003
    Encore une idée énorme de la part de nos grands politiciens à Dunkerque !! À partir du 27...
  • Amy Klobuchar hates liberty and freedom.
    by Chad Newman to Fox News, Inc. | Total signatures: 100,026
    Democrats have proven that they hate liberty. They have done so by stealing our income through...

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