• Eliminate Tax Code, For all National, State, and Local government.
    by nestor cruz to US Congress | Total signatures: 5,019
    Eliminate tax code completely, instead use national (Federal) and state sales tax. With their...
  • Eliminate Foreign Aid
    by Nestor Cruz to US Congress and the White House | Total signatures: 5,023
    5/17/2011. Eliminate and stop Foreign Aid now. Instead give foreign loans with guaranteed...
  • Save America
    by to US Congress | Total signatures: 5,019
    The current Administration is destroying the America that we once knew. America was created on...
  • Garylsnyder show harmful to local community
    by Marge N. O'Errah to Fellow Citizens | Total signatures: 10,020
    Enough said.
  • Sarkozy démissionne
    by Philippe to French people | Total signatures: 1,000,002
    Il faut que Sarkozy démissionne.
  • presidansielle
    by yaser to France. Marseille | Total signatures: 1,000,020
    pour que ME NICOLA SARKOZY soi plus présidant
  • filme
    by yaser to France. Marseille | Total signatures: 1,000,018
    pour pouvoir continuer a télécharger des filme gratuit
  • Impeach President Obama
    by the bob to U.S. Congress | Total signatures: 1,000,009
    Impeach President Obama for dooming your grandchildren to unbearable debt.
    by Whistleblower to All Governments | Total signatures: 1,000,023
    En finir avec le cover-up des autorités internationales au sujet des UFO ou Objets Volants...
  • le sahara marocain
    by danasovich to O.N.U. | Total signatures: 1,000,033
    l'unité du Maroc , pays du nord de l'Afrique, ne doit pas etre discutée.

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