• Legalize Marijuana
    by kinger to US Congress | Total signatures: 1,000,030
    We need to legalize it ASAP it has many uses in the medical feild as well as hundereds of other...
  • Mary Wolff is a Crack Whore
    by Reno to st pete times | Total signatures: 5,006
    Mary Wolff of Pinellas Park is a crack whore who has sex with crack heads and anyone else who...
  • Expulsion de Nassim au liban
    by Damien to St Vincent | Total signatures: 5,002
    Nassim ne sert à rien, il doit retourner au liban
  • My Granddad has a very big belly
    by Hannah to The Diet Police | Total signatures: 1,000,051
    Please sign my petition in favour of my granddad going on a diet and not eating so many biscuits.
  • Against toxic food
    by whitney | Total signatures: 5,022
    Against toxic food For example: 1.The virulent milk 2.Vegetables with pesticide
  • Against to reused the trench oil for cooking!
    by derrick to citizen | Total signatures: 5,008
    Most of the china restaurant, no matter one star to five star, they are useing trench oil to...
    by Amnesty to United States Congress | Total signatures: 750,016
    We, the undersigned human rights supporters, recognize that health care is a right, not a...

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