• Support of the Papal visit to the UK
    by G. Smith to Supporter of the Pope | Total signatures: 500,017
    We, the undersigned, welcome, with all our hearts and souls, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to...
    by A proud American and Obama supporter to End Obama bashing! He IS OUR President! | Total signatures: 750,003
    Too many Americans seem to be posting negative inforamtion about President Obama all over the...
  • A Threat to Local Democracy
    by John Rupert to Premier Dalton McGuinty | Total signatures: 200,053
    We strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to extend City Council terms from three years to...
  • Abbassiamo Gli Stipendi ai politici!
    by Marco Severini to Stato Italiano | Total signatures: 750,024
    Sono 430 mila e ci costano 3 miliardi l’anno. Politici puri con oltre 15 mila euro lordi di...
  • Petition Against Socialized Healthcare!
    by Strunz to President Barak Obama | Total signatures: 1,000,043
    Senator Harry Reid announced on December 19, 2009 that he has bought off enough votes to pass the...
  • Stop Global Warming
    by Stop Global Warming . Org to World leaders | Total signatures: 5,001,601
    Global warming isn't opinion. It's a scientific reality. The science shows that human activity...
  • In Support of A Green Revolution in Iran
    by greenrevolutioniran to Public Opinion | Total signatures: 104,873
    The purpose of this petition is to give the people of Iran the vote they deserve. The purpose...

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